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SoapUp, the soap holder sustainable, aesthetic, inclusive .
SMALL but IMPORTANT gestures. SoapUp translates a SIMPLE GESTURE into a unique experience The gesture that we do several times a day and that SAVES LIFE: wash your hands SoapUp suspends the soap above the sink making it immediately available, practical and always clean SUSTAINABILITY AESTHETIC INCLUSION = SoapUp SoapUp is SUSTAINABLE because it limits the use of plastic It is practical, does not waste and responds to an aesthetic need SoapUp is truly INCLUSIVE, it is FOR ALL! 
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Via Delle Scuole 3, frazione Cavagliano
Bellinzago Novarese
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SoapUp® a small and good REVOLUTION SoapUp® is a PATENDED idea SoapUp® was born from the strong will of a return to the old, dear soap bar. The reason why, in the 70s liquid hand soap was favorably received in our homes (over 65% of people use liquid soap), is the big problem of the soap "drowns" gets dirty by consuming itself in the soap dish. SoapUp® has solved this problem SoapUp® is a soap holder that suspends the soap above the sink. It surprises you with its simplicity: a new concept designed for everyone - SoapUp is DESIGN FOR ALL! The advantages are obvious: - the soap is always available - it lasts much longer while always remaining dry and clean - Do not produce waste SoapUp is rechargeable, adjustable, it adapts to every need: it can be placed on the tap, near the sink or on the wall 3 versions of SoapUp will be produced: 1  BASIC which is placed on the tap  2 TOP which is placed on the surface near the sink 3 WALL which is placed on the wall The three versions perfectly meet every need SoapUp is composed of BASIC - stainless steel pin, stainless steel cable, PVC tube. WALL and TOP - stainless steel bracket, nautical rope cable, stainless steel pin Normally the soap bar is used only in the bathroom, with SoapUp it is used in the kitchen and in the shower SoapUp is suitable for housing a soap of about 50gr. This bar of soap will be enough to wash your hands at least two months Instructions for use: The SoapUp® pin is magnetic, move the two parts apart, insert the pre-drilled bar of soap supplied, insert the other half of the pin which will magnetically adhere to the first, ensuring that the bar is hooked. With SoapUp, a wide selection of handcrafted and high quality pre-drilled soaps will also be provided. However, there is a range of customers who either produce the soap themselves or prefer to buy from their supplier. For these needs I have developed “turtle” a nice object that can pierce the soap.
Please give information about the key objectives of your project in terms of sustainability and how these have been met
SoapUp is the emblem of SUSTAINABILITY that responds to a primary need: TO WASH HANDS I've always been a lover of soap bar. But when liquid soap arrived in our homes in the 1970s it was a hit. Finally we could forget the dirty and slimy  soap bar. RESULT?  about 65% of people use liquid soaps. Today, any choose must be responsable! Even choosing how to wash your hands with,  must be a conscious choice. Be aware that choosing liquid soap means handing over to society the problem of disposing of single use plastic containers. SoapUp is SUSTAINABLE not only because it DOESN'T PRODUCE WASTE, but because it helps limit the use of single-use plastics. This is not something to be taken lightly if around 65% of people use liquid soap SoapUp is a very small  object suitable for everyone that REALLY can help reduce the consumption of single use  plastic. Individual ecological awareness is becoming a reality more and more consumers are making conscious purchases not only paying attention to the needs of the moment but thinking about the impact their choice will have on our ecosystem. The FLOATING ISLANDS  of plastic in our oceans sound incredible to us but they are real! Alarming reports: 8 million tons of plastic end up in the oceans every year. Microplastics pollute our seas with an environmental impact that results in disastrous damage to our ecosystem and human health. SOME NUMBERS 50gr for 2 months an average family 250ml liquid for 1 month = 16.5 million We have calculated that using SoapUp with a small 50gr bar of soap a person washes their hands for over two months. SoapUp could make the difference and direct consumers towards this type of purchase because the problems related to the soap placed in the soap dish that gets dirty and melts has been solved. Limiting the use of single-use plastics to safeguard our seas, THIS IS SoapUp's  PRIORITY 
Please give information about the key objectives of your project in terms of aesthetics and quality of experience beyond functionality and how these have been met
I strongly believe in the principles of the BauHaus and in particular those that describe exactly SoapUp, are in Sullivan's famous phrase: " in shape follows the function" in addition to the other principle that an object must have, namely simplicity and effectiveness. The creation process that led me to the final form that now defines SoapUp began, several years ago, by fixing a simple drawstring to a bar of soap to which I had given the shape of a little fish ... I remember using it a lot and I was surprised how after more than a month it was still pleasant to use that bar of soap. As a designer, I started to study the problem in depth. How to turn a drawstring into a soap hanger? The pivot, which is at the heart of the patent, has been modified over and over again until the current solution is arrived at with the updating of the patent in April 2021. Now the key is magnetic. A simple and effective object, without essential "frills". SOAPUP'S KEY GOALS ARE: 1 - Solve the problem of soap deteriorating and that is not used completely by remaining in the soap carrier. 2 - Help the planet no longer need a single-use plastic part. This problem led in the 1970s to the success of liquid soaps. It is estimated that 65% of Italian households today use liquid soap. They consume about 1 per month of 250ml. In Italy alone they mean a monthly consumption of about 16,250,000 disposable plastic bottles.
Please give information about the key objectives of your project in terms of inclusion and how these have been met
SoapUp keeps the soap suspended from the tap or a bracket, preventing it from coming into contact with water stagnation, so it lasts longer (the 50g one lasts more than 2 months for one people) and remains dry and hygienic. It also invites the use of soap instead of liquid soap because it is greener, saves both the plastic of the packages and the water that we pour into the environment due to the foaming agents contained in common soaps. SoapUp soaps are 100% biodegradable because they contain only oil and soda. SoapUp is a project really aimed at everyone: the creator has been contacted by Life for All, the platform for inclusive thinking that deals with discussing and collecting design projects that improve everyone's life, because SoapUp is a product suitable also for the blind and those who use only one limb, as well as perfect for contexts such as schools. The advantages of its use are obvious: soap always remains dry and clean and is no longer resting on a surface; solves dirt problems and reduces waste the bar of soap is always ready to use; it offers design accessories, innovative and in line with the philosophy of eco-sustainability. The packaging is minimized and made of recycled materials. SoapUp® can replace the use of liquid soap and reduce the consumption of plastic dispensers. SoapUp is a "better " way to make a daily gesture, such as washing your hands, to contribute to the protection of the environment and promote made in Italy in the world.
Please give information on the results/impacts achieved by your project in relation to the category you apply for
"To be qualified as design, a product not only has to respond to an aesthetic performance, but must be reproducible, practical, innovative. It's design -- so -- just what responds to thesefeatures." This is the idea of the designer who opened her studio more than 20 years ago as an artistic laboratory for designing unique pieces. Her  interest has always focused on the use of various materials including iron, glass, steel, clay and resins. It was her passion for materials that led her to create  SoapUp. The category referred to by SoapUp®   is "Products and Lifestyle" where products are products and processes that contribute to a sustainable, attractive and inclusive lifestyle. SoapUp® is  an extremely simple but revolutionary object,  designed for all places and for all people: able-bodied, children or disabled. There is the SoapUp® Home version that hangs directly on the tap: useful in the bathroom or shower, indispensable in the kitchen can be used with specific tubular support in polished stainless steel with round or square base: -wall support - top support - shower support SoapUp® Home packages are made of light brown recycled card board. The graphics of the packaging use colors that recall freshness; the soap is protected by a paper bag, and the open sides allow you to see the product inside. Collections of organic soaps  have been designed to match SoapUp. A range  of soapshas been designed, to be used as refills, with olive oil withbergamot essence, donkey milkand volcanicpowder, handmade soaps that valuethe artisan excellence ofthe territory. Then there's SoapUp® Resort  which is the hotel version. The advantages of its use are evident, both for the guest and for the structure that offers hospitality: soap always remains clean and dry and is no longer in contact with asurface; the hotel, with SoapUp Resort, only provides the new soap when changing hosts. This avoids waste
Please explain the way citizens benefiting from or affected by the project and civil society have been involved in the project and what has been the impact of this involvement on the project
Each company, through the recognition of the "added value" created by its activity in the territory, can optimize the planning of its activities and can define efficient business processes having identified all the factors and stakeholders involved. The social impact of    SoapUp, understood as the set of resources, inputs and processes used to pursue the specific business and social objectives, which change the living/working/relationship conditions of the persons directly or indirectly involved, can be very important. SoapUp®  and those who designed it do not pursue as its sole objective that of profit, but bases its activity on ethical, social and environmental values and firmly believes in it. SoapUp® was the subject of a first small self-funded production. Only then did the SoapUp "family" of 4 people with complementary knowledge and experience try with a crowdfunding campaign on INDIEGOGO to obtain funds for a more important production, research and development activities to continue to improve and the product, cover the costs of materials and promote the object with an adequate marketing activity. It would have been  intended to carry out a marketing campaign at European level with the desire to extend the patent of invention at international level and expand the product range. Participation in the New European  BauHaus  could be the means of achieving these results.
Please highlight the innovative character of the project
The idea behind it  is that a soap in the soap box disperses, through stagnation in the water, a good part of it  substance , as well as taking on a bad appearance. Suspended in the air, the soap remains dry, lasts longer, because it does  not lose material, and also saves its appearance. Thanks to SoapUp®, according to the designer's experience, a 50gr bar of soap has a life span equal to about three bottles of 250ml of liquid soap. A flexible stainless steel cable and an adjustable ring protected by a colorful non-slip sheath ensure the soapup's position to any type of tap. Initially designed for domestic use, today it could find interesting outlets also in the contract sector, thanks to the versatility of customizable shapes, colors and fragrances of soaps. The project, moreover, represents, in its way, a small revolution in the bathroom sector, so much so that it received the best design award for packaging at the 6th Biennale of Visual Communications in Lubjiana.
Please explain how the project led to results or learnings which could be transferred to other interested parties
Bauhaus was a revolutionary school of art, architecture and design founded by Walter Gropius in Germany in 1919 whose teaching method   replaced  the traditional pupil-teacher relationship with the idea of a community of artists working together. Its purpose was to bring art back into contact with daily life The name  Bauhaus  is a combination of the German words for building (bau) and house (haus) and may have been intended to evoke the idea of a community  working to build a new society. The most ambitious objective of sustainable development education is the change of behaviour, which implies the involvement of values, the ability to become aware of them, to be able to question them and, above all, to act consistently with them, taking responsibility for their actions. SoapUp®  is  not the  magic wand , nor  the  simple recipe to face the challenges evoked by the Green  deal. SoapUp® and its use are proof that, if we really believe in it, we can start working on our own, making our behaviors consistent with those principles that we often only say by voice we declare to share. In this way, our "self "can flow into a "we" , that will help to make a difference, at a time when (to paraphrase Gandhi) he will be able to be brought, through concrete facts, of that change  we want to see in the world. 
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