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The Climate Journey BUM!

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Regaining a sense of belonging
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NEW EUROPEAN BAUHAUS RISING STARS: concepts or ideas submitted by young talents (aged 30 or less)
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The Climate Journey BUM!
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Guided climate routes for climate action and inclusion in the future urban forest of Malaga, Spain.

Malaga Urban Forest (BUM, for its acronym in Spanish) is a local initiative that aims to regenerate a polluted, postindustrial land that used to be the premises of an oil reservoir from Spain’s first oil producer. In line with this project, The Climate Journey BUM! proposes to incorporate contextualized climate routes as an Environmental Education tool for the citizens of this neighborhood to boost climate action, social inclusion, and equity one of the most densely populated areas of Europe.

What is the geographical scope of your concept/idea?
Malaga is one of the eight provinces of Andalusia, a region located in southern Spain. The project proposed here would be developed in the city of Malaga. Although this idea is designed for the context of Malaga, these climate routes with citizens could be replicated in other cities.
Does your concept/idea address mainly urban or rural issues?
Mainly urban
Does your concept/idea refer to a physical transformation of the built environment or other types of transformations?
It refers to other types of transformations ('soft investment')
Has your concept/idea benefited from EU programmes and/or funds?
Has your concept/idea won an EU prize?
How did you hear about the New European Bauhaus Prizes ?
Word of mouth (colleagues, friends …)
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As a representative of an organisation
Please provide a summary of your concept/ idea

The Climate Journey BUM! (lead by Social Climate) is a climate social innovation initiative that aims to offer guided tours in one of the most densely populated districts in Malaga and the whole of Europe. Its objective is to enable participants to understand the impacts, causes and connections of climate change in their immediate environment. The Climate Journey BUM! also explores possible solutions to the climate crisis in terms of economic localization, Nature-based Solutions (NbS), citizen participation, regenerative culture and art. It takes different shapes (formats) such as monthly free tours, educational excursions, custom tours, leisure activities with incentives like gymkhanas or escape rooms. All these activities are aimed at residents, tourists, young people and businesses, and involve both local agents and international reference entities such as IUCN or Local Futures. 

The need to develop awareness and impulse for climate action in the neighborhood is even greater when we consider the socioeconomic reality of the citizens living in this area. This neighborhood is a middle-class district (with one of the lowest income per capita ranging from 21 to 26K € a year), highly populated ((200K inhabitants out of the city’s total of around 600K), and with very few green areas. In Malaga, it is one of the least green districts with an estimated 2.42 m2 per inhabitant compared to the 6.33 m2 of the city itself, and the 9-15 m2 recommended by the World Health Organization. In short, the area is mired with major socio-economic and environmental challenges, deeply rooted in pre-existing structural inequality.

In the face of climate change, the lines of action must be multidisciplinary. Environmental Education is a global strategy for achieving sustainability and, contributing to the recovery of a sense of belonging to the neighborhood.

Please indicate the main themes of your concept/idea with 5 key words
Environmental Education
Social Justice
Community Building
Climate Action
Urban Forest
Please give information about the key objectives of your concept/idea in terms of environmental sustainability (including circularity) and how these would be met.
Please highlight how the concept/idea can be exemplary in this context

The key objectives of the idea for The Climate Journey BUM! are:

1. Inform about the effects, causes and solutions of the climate emergency, and how people in the neighborhood can become a leading group for climate action through a common space: the city's future urban forest. This objective would be achieved through acting as a bridge between the world of climate science and citizens, following a pedagogical methodology whereby concepts and ideas are framed within the local context in order to bring them closer to the local community, thus facilitating the interpretation and understanding of data and news.

2. Inspire collective action from citizen empowerment to circularity, zero pollution and biodiversity. This objective would be achieved by promoting local assemblies, neighborhood workshops and empowering small businesses that foster a local economy, keeping traditions and culture, such as agro-ecological & proximity food stores or alternative bookstores.

3. Demonstrate that gender-inclusive communities are possible and necessary: gender equity and inclusive design by taking into account the gender perspective, including the role of women in care-related activities, and the multiple dimensions of equity in general when designing climate solutions and involving stakeholders in their implementation, particularly vulnerable groups

5. Lead by example through cooperation and contribution to the local economy, contributing in a cross-cutting manner to reconnecting with nature, recovering a sense of belonging and giving priority to the places and people who need it most. through concrete and direct examples, we aim to increase citizens' engagement. 

The Climate Journey BUM! can be exemplary in this context since the information, workshops, guides, assemblies that will be provided to the neighborhood is key for them to critically understand the seriousness and need to rethink a model of life more connected to their own nature and culture.

Please give information about the key objectives of your concept/idea in terms of aesthetics and quality of experience beyond functionality and how these would be met.
Please highlight how the concept/idea can be exemplary in this context

In terms of aesthetics, the project itself aims to create a more sustainable and cared-for neighborhood. The construction of the future urban forest of Malaga is already underway on the abandoned land. This is thanks to the effort and involvement of part of the neighborhood with the planting of trees and cleaning of waste. This space, now abandoned and in the future, biodiverse and green, will be the platform and tool on which the environmental education activities planned in this proposed idea will be developed. With a neighborhood informed and united through common and shared interest thanks to the activities, the aesthetics of their environment will change to positive. Neighbors will feel more connected to each other and to their nearby space. By feeling more united, the social pressure to make their environment a more sustainable and cared for place will be greater. The idea behind The Climate Journey BUM! is to create that spirit of community togetherness. 

In terms of the quality of the experience, this project will be designed by and for the community. This means that the activities that will be carried out will be redesigned according to the needs of the environment and the experiences that will be had over time. Each activity carried out will be continuously evaluated in order to offer the best possible quality.

Please give information about the key objectives of your concept/idea in terms of inclusion (equal opportunities, public participation, citizen engagement, co-design, universal design, accessibility, affordability, etc.) and how these would be met.
Please highlight how the concept/idea can be exemplary in this context

As previously stated, one of the central objectives of this proposal is to bring a sense of inclusion and equality to the context of relevance to the neighborhood. It is intended to demonstrate that neighborhoods also need to be inclusive in order to be sustainable. The key to this proposal lies in providing knowledge. Knowledge-based on contrasted information and from official sources that invite personal and critical reflection in the person receiving the information. We intend that through this information that we want to give to the neighborhood, they are able to autonomously build their thoughts and opinions and that based on this they can make better decisions that affect the whole in terms of cross-cutting issues. Information is the most powerful weapon to achieve the transformation of the neighborhood. 

Likewise, this project is designed around IUCN's global standard of Nature-based Solutions. This standard consists of 8 criteria that will be followed and fulfilled. These are:

  • Societal challenges: identify key societal challenges.
  • Design at scale: The target area in which the societal challenge is addressed is usually part of a larger system, whether ecological, economic or social, to be taken into account in the interest of ensuring robustness and applicability
  • Net biodiversity gain, Economic viability and Inclusive governance: Correspond to the three pillars of sustainable development respectively: environmental sustainability, economic sustainability and social equity.
  • Balance of commitments and Adaptive management: ensuring a transparent, equitable and inclusive process. 
  • Scaling and sustainability: analyze the impact of activities in the short, medium and long term. 
Please explain how these three dimensions would be combined in your concept/idea.
Please highlight how this approach can be exemplary

The Climate Journey BUM! project proposes to cover the three fundamental dimensions of these awards in a cross-cutting and holistic manner. These dimensions are an essential part of the proposed idea and a fundamental part of its construction. Therefore, they are not combined with the idea, but are an essential part of the idea. 

Please highlight the innovative character of the concept/idea as compared to mainstream practices in the field of the concept/idea.

The Climate Journey is a responsible tourism initiative consisting of physical and conceptual itineraries across urban and rural landscapes, to see the impacts, causes connections, and solutions to the climate crisis, in terms of social mobilization, direct democracy, local wellbeing economies, Nature-based Solutions (NbS), regenerative cultures, and art. It seeks to engage people from all walks of life, particularly the youth, in taking collective climate action, by joining impactful local initiatives. Cooperation being our DNA, we work and create shared value with a broad ecosystem of public institutions, economic agents, and social entities: internationally, IUCN, 1 Million Women, Youth Climate Leaders, and Local Futures; nationally (Spain), Sustainability Observatory, Nature-based Solutions Cluster or the Renewables Foundation; and in Malaga, the University, City Council, NGOs, small businesses, urban gardens, socio-cultural centers, neighborhood associations, and the people’s climate movement. The idea quickly spread, and now the project is structured as a collaborative network of local chapters, already present in Malaga, Barcelona, Madrid, Granada and Cordoba in Spain, and seeking to go international given its high replicability. In short, as a high-potential project, it aims to mobilize a critical mass of people in order to catalyze an economic transformation towards local, post-carbon, resilient, equitable, cooperative, and sovereign communities.

On this occasion, the idea of The Climate Journey BUM!, although based on the principles of the climate routes designed as The Climate Journey, brings its innovative character to be a more solid and centralized proposal in a very specific neighborhood, with very specific social and environmental needs and in which a unique event is being carried out right now: the creation of a large urban forest by and for citizens in one of the most densely populated and vulnerable neighborhoods to climate change in Europe.

Please detail the general plans that you have for the further development, promotion and/or implementation of your concept/idea.

For the development and implementation of The Climate Journey BUM! idea, I count on references such as The Climate Journey that are carried out in the city of Malaga and have been replicated in other cities in Spain. For this reason, I have the support of this network of people to inspire me and begin to design a unique and contextualized model around the creation and development of the future urban forest of Malaga and the actions of cooperation with the neighborhood. Likewise, from the cooperative that I represent for this proposal, we have long experience in the creation and replication of environmental routes for climate action, environmental education, local sovereignty, inclusion and equality. Finally, we are in close relationship with the BUM! neighborhood platform. This is the local platform that is undertaking tree planting actions, territory cleaning and artistic and cultural activities in the future urban forest on a voluntary basis. The development will also be based on academic references for the design of the environmental education activities and IUCN's global standard for nature-based solutions. 

The value of events and recommendations lies in their visibility. To maximize the impact of the project, we will use communication channels that meet the needs of users. The objectives of the communication activities will be to: raise awareness, create knowledge and, inspire actions. The organization that I represent, Social Climate, has 9,000+ followers on Twitter and 11,000+ on Linkedin, a 4.500+ international newsletter; regularly contribute to major journals (like El País or, and get their message amplified by far-reaching networks like the EU Climate Pact Ambassadors and the MED NbS Cluster. On a more local and direct scale, we also have a communication network with the neighborhood through the BUM! platform, neighborhood association communities and social networks from which group events are planned.


Imagine that your idea/concept is awarded in the New European Bauhaus Prizes 2022. What kind of initiatives would you take throughout the following year (June 2022- June 2023)

The initiatives that will be taken will be those necessary to begin to design, disseminate, engage and implement The Climate Journey BUM! 
These are: 
1) Formalize the network of local, national, and international contacts to bring the greatest visibility to the project. Likewise, to spread the news through local conventional media (newspaper and local television).
2) To start designing the different activities to be carried out and to distribute them in a calendar according to the events and needs of the neighborhood. To carry out a first joint assembly with the interested people to ask them about their ideas, concerns and expectations. Implement regular meetings with representative people of the neighborhood to build future interventions in cooperation. Also, count on the advice of professionals in the field (university professors, staff with previous experience, inspiring people, etc.).
3) Start carrying out the proposed activities: climatic routes, neighborhood assemblies, workshops, scavenger hunts, cultural activities, etc. 
4) To carry out an evaluation of the process periodically and constantly in search of improvement and adaptation of the activities. 
5) To start thinking about how to train the neighborhood so that they can autonomously follow the model of climatic routes in the medium and long term.
6) To carry out an exhaustive work of information dissemination. Spread the initiative and the progress made to other neighborhoods, municipalities and cities with similar socio-environmental problems. To think of models for the replication of this idea. 

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