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Museum4us: a remembrance place for new generations to build a sustainable future

In Museum4us you will win back your European identity founded on the first Resistance fought between 1943 and 1945 to establish democracy and freedom. Here you will also gain awareness of today’s Resistance against pollution and climate changes to save our planet and humanity. Join us in our “seed” for remembrance and for the Future: there will be a traveling exhibition and the videogame “1943 and beyond”. By this project we hope to build a new strong identity and a sense of European membership.

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The project was born in the “Urban planning law” class at Politecnico di Milano - Center of Lecco among the faculty of Building Engineering and Architecture's students. Museum4us is a remembrance place immersed in nature that looks into the future to help young people building a better and more sustainable one.

The project aims to enhance and promote Museums of the Resistance and the Second World War, starting from the smallest ones spread through our splendid territories. These Museums will be places where young people, thanks to new technologies, will become protagonists of the change for a different, sustainable and peaceful future.The idea is to promote the birth of an online Museum4us network around three symbolic places of European memory: Cefalonia for the Killing of the Acqui Division, Monaco for the tragic story of the "White Rose" and Ventotene for its European Manifesto. Over time, the Museum4us online network will entrench in Italy and Europe wherever there is a Place of Memory of 1943-45 Resistance.

The online network seeks to build a strong European identity based on two characterizing elements: 1. the Resistance fought against the Nazi-Fascist dictatorship during the Second World War between 1943 and 1945; 2. the new Resistance that is needed today to fight against pollution and climate changes. The new generation will be the protagonist to create and handle the Museum4us online network. The operational tools are going to be a website, an app and a youtube channel. The Museum4us will be physically recognizable anywhere as it will always be characterized by the same seed-shaped structure built with cutting-edge materials and techniques in terms of eco-sustainability. It will find a place in city parks or extra-urban parks attributable to Places of Memory (see Attachment 1-2-4-5-6)

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The seed-shape structure of Museum4us is characterized by its eco-sustainability both as regards the materials used and the place where it will be located.The seed-shape structure (as it is shown in the Attachment 1-2-4-5-6) will be realized with bamboo and recycled fabrics, mixed with an aluminum backbone. The project’s aim is to make an autonomous complex by the using of solar panels for energy production. In the seed-shape museum groups of about 12 people will come in and focus themselves on the exhibit and the videogame by digital devices and audiovisual routes. The struggle for environmental sustainability is strictly linked to the Resistance of 1943/45.The traveling exhibit will be a fundamental tool of knowledge and awareness about the main problems analyzed by the New Green Deal project, which focuses its attention on emblematic cases of places destroyed by pollution, such as Taranto.


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Both the website and the physical structure "Museum4us" will be built recalling the idea of a seed, a symbol of the desire to never forget the past, but also of birth through budding. The choice to represent the project with a seed derives from its symbology that allows the realization of a very effective functional metaphor to achieve the objectives of the Museum4us project. The videogame combines a high quality graphic with the guidelines of the project to emphasize sites and historical events but also to transmit the right message.

To promote the project there will also be an environmentally sustainable merchandising, provided with ecological products and processes. There will be no business purposes, it just represents a form of self-financing to extend the project. In particular all the selling items will invoke the logo and key words of the initiative. The logo we processed (Attachment 3) is simple and impactful: the focus is on the tree which on one side recalls the ecological question, on the other is basically the concept’s evolution of the seed-shape structure and the itinerant exhibition. The tree’s foundation, red on its roots, revokes the past’s efforts, surrounded by the 12 European stars.

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In order for the Museum4us project to be real as well as virtual, all interested young people who want to become active in European schools and universities will be engaged to cooperate with the local sections of associations (of Memory and environmentalists) and local authorities who, in Italy and Europe, will be able to join the MUSEUM4US project. In addition to the website, accessible through a QR code that could be found in the seed-shape structure, there will be all social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc ...) to achieve greater dissemination of the MUSEUM4US network, to remain in touch with all our news in live, and to listen to live directs on the profiles, a traveling exhibition and the "1943 and beyond" videogame. To increase the exposure a Youtube channel will also be created. Disadvantaged and disabled people will therefore have no difficulties in being active protagonists within the Museum4us project. It will also be characterized by the extreme ease to be replicated anywhere and at any time, both physically in a Place of Memory, and virtually through the use of new technologies. The Museum4us project has therefore a multilevel approach going from local to global as well as a participatory approach involving civil societies, institutions and people of all ages and in all their diversities.

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In the Museum4us project, the three dimensions are perfectly integrated as they are functionally connected. Sustainability is at the heart of the Museum4us network's mission.The seed is the aesthetic-subliminal message with which the Museum4us network presents itself to the outside, perfectly harmonizing its image with its mission.The maximum accessibility of the Museum4us network is guaranteed by the website, app, social networks and youtube channel that support any direct knowledge of the Places of Memory and that will guarantee that the image of the seed characterizes the Museum4us both from a physical and virtual point of view. The connection between sustainability, aesthetics and inclusion then finds its origin in a trans-disciplinary approach that distinguishes the Museum4us project which involves historical, legal, economic, sociological, IT, technical and technological skills, themes and problems.

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An innovative aspect is represented by the approach to two such important issues as the Resistance of 1943/45 and the new Environmental Resistance. The privileged tool to address young people and make them aware of our European identity born from the Resistance in 1943 will be the video game "1943 and beyond" which will have as its object the history of the Acqui Division in Cefalonia: starting from the historical truth of that dramatic September 1943 it will then introduce the player, with a striking and fancy ending, to the theme of a new Resistance needed today to win the "war4sustainability" against climate change and all forms of pollution. We will also give the chance to connect with our social networks where it will be possible to see posts, directs or stories dealing with all those problems related to the “war4sustainability”. A second innovative and technologically advanced tool for involving young people will be the traveling exhibition on issues related to climate change. It will consist in an audiovisual path which reports the new generation’s involvement on the environmental protection’s debate through images, video and discussion spaces. For sure one of the topics will be the city of Taranto’s dramatic case with its steel plant and the drama experienced by those citizens, those workers and their families. The traveling exhibition will highlight problems but also possible solutions. Along with the video game it will be presented in the Places of Memory of the Resistance of 1943-45 (possibly also through the eco-sustainable structure designed in the shape of a seed) as well as in schools and universities that become available in Europe.

Please detail the general plans that you have for the further development, promotion and/or implementation of your concept/idea.

The project will be completed by 2023 and it will be promoted through the web site for different occasions. Depending on the results of the New European Bauhaus contest the showing events of our project could take place:

- on 25th April 2022 in Milan during the celebration of Liberation Day (Festa della Liberazione);

-on 8th May 2022 through a celebrative march, MARCH4EUROPE, for Europe Day (9th May) near Casa della Memoria del Battaglione Morbegno alpine museum, in Pian delle Betulle (Lecco);

-on 5th June 2022 at Politecnico di Milano - university campus of Lecco for the celebration of World Environment Day.

The project and its implementations will continuously be supported through a communication plan by using local and national press, social networks, the web site and the specific app. Other places that will be involved in the promotion and implementation of the project will certainly be the islan

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The project will firstly take place on the 80th anniversaries of the fascism regime’s collapse, 25th July 1943, and of the armistice between Italy and Anglo-Americans, 8th September 1943. Due to the dramatic situation of Ukraine we would like to involve as soon as possible local associations in MUSEUM4US venture. The website (, the first exhibitions in Lombardy, Italy, together with the videogame “1943 and beyond” will be released by the end of June 2022. The traveling exhibit will be completed by the end of July 2022 and shown from October 2022. A seed structure of the MUSEUM4US will be made by the end of November 2022. The above mentioned works will be displayed for the first time to the audience at Politecnico di Milano - university campus of Lecco, where it all began. During 2023 the projected will be exposed in each Remembrance places of the joining cities:
-22nd February, in Munich, for the 80th anniversary of the White Rose movement;
-25th April, in Cefalonia, for the 80th anniversary of the Massacre of the Division Acqui;
-9th May, in Ventotene, for Europe Day; other places, universities and schools across Europe.
In addition, in June 2023 we are going to organize a specific event for the World Environment Day (5th June).


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