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Fighting climate change 365 days a year

ecoviu is an app with the mission to allow all citizens to act 365 days a year versus climate change. In this app the citizen will be able to find many different activities in which to participate to take care of nature: reforestations, hiking while picking up trash, building homes for the biodiversity, excursions to discover the local flora, and many other activities that not only help to connect citizens to nature but also gives them a chance to protect nature.

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ecoviu is a mobile app that fights 365 days a year against the climate crisis and protects nature. 

Our mission is that towns and cities have the possibility to find activities related to the environment and nature 365 days a year.


How does ecoviu work?


We have 3 main sections for citizens to reconnect with nature:


1. Calendar section: here, the citizen can find nature-related events during every day of the year. We divide the events into different categories:


1.1. Education: citizens can attend talks on nature and biodiversity related topics. In addition, together with the local town councils, outings are organized to learn about the fauna and flora of each locality.


1.2. Environmental actions: citizens can collaborate in projects that care for nature. Some examples of these activities are: reforestation of trees, construction of animal shelters, plastic and waste collection in the mountains and on the beach, construction of urban vegetable gardens, etc.


1.3. Outdoor sports: citizens can participate in sports that take place in the mountains and on the beach in order to reconnect with nature. Some examples are: hiking in the mountains, biking, etc.


2. Suggestion section: Citizens using the mobile app can suggest events for ecoviu to organize.


3. News section: Citizens using the mobile app can use the app to read news and articles about nature and the environment.


These 3 sections and all the activities offered to the ecoviu user during 365 days a year are focused on reconnecting with nature and taking care of it.

The mobile app is completely free, so that everyone who wants to can access it. Our mission is that any citizen interested in reconnecting with nature can access the mobile app and therefore, we have designed the mobile app so that it is very easy to use and at the same time aesthetically beautiful

Please indicate the main themes of your project with 5 key words
Taking action to protect nature
Education to reconnect with nature
Environmental actions to reconnect with nature
Outdoor sports to reconnect with nature
Connect all the eco-friendly community for a bigger impact
Please give information about the key objectives of your project in terms of sustainability (including circularity) and how these have been met.
Please highlight how the project can be exemplary in this context

Sustainability is the basis of this project. Ecoviu is based on the 3 pillars of sustainability.


1. Environmental Sustainability: Ecoviu's mission is to offer citizens 365 days a year activities where they can learn to be more sustainable and act against the climate crisis. Through ecological workshops, environmental actions, courses on sustainable food and many other activities, the citizen is able not only to learn about sustainability but also to act in favor of sustainability. All these activities make citizens aware of the importance of nature and reconnect with it. So the more people we get to participate in the activities that we propose, the more impact we have.


2. Social Sustainability: Ecoviu focuses on four aspects of social sustainability, leisure, equality, health and education. 


2.1. Leisure: We give the possibility to all citizens to do free activities to reconnect with nature that can be interpreted as leisure. 


2.2. Equality: We promote activities led by women and use inclusive language in our communications.


2.3. Health: With the outdoor sports that Ecoviu organizes to reconnect with nature, citizens can take care of their health.


2.4. Education: Because Ecoviu's mobile app is free, any citizen with a phone can access quality education about the environment, sustainability and nature.


3. Economic Sustainability: Ecoviu is transparent with its finances and always respects living wages for any work it may hire. In addition, we look for sustainability in any service provider we may hire. 


Ecoviu is an example to follow in terms of sustainability since it is not only limited to being carbon neutral, but every day of the year it acts in favor of sustainability in all its pillars

Please give information about the key objectives of your project in terms of aesthetics and quality of experience beyond functionality and how these have been met.
Please highlight how the project can be exemplary in this context

The ecoviu mobile app always has citizens in mind so that they have a user experience worthy of admiration for its ease of use.


For a year we have worked with developers of different nationalities in order to create a product that is easy to understand and use. Our mission is that any user regardless of age, ethnicity or nationality will be able to understand how to find activities on Ecoviu 365 days a year, in order to reconnect with and protect nature.


To make it easy to use, we have focused on making the user experience as intuitive as possible. In addition, we have incorporated filters to quickly find what you want to look for, we have improved the performance to make the app effective and we have classified the sections of the mobile app in a clear way.


On the other hand, something very important has been the design of Ecoviu. Our aesthetic design is based on the user experience mentioned above. The clear, beautiful and minimalistic design allows the user to find the activities to reconnect with nature quickly and in a pleasant way.


Ecoviu is an example in terms of aesthetics and quality of experience because from the first moment of creation, the user has been the basis for building the product

Please give information about the key objectives of your project in terms of inclusion (equal opportunities, public participation, citizen engagement, co-design, universal design, accessibility, affordability, etc.) and how these have been met.
Please highlight how the project can be exemplary in this context

One of the most important points of Ecoviu is that it is totally free for the user. Thanks to the fact that we gather free activities to do 365 days a year, any citizen who wants to reconnect with nature will be able to do it through us. 


It is very important that there are no excuses to protect nature and perform activities to reconnect with it, that's why we guarantee that every day of the year you can find in Ecoviu free environmental activities to sign up and therefore, 100% affordable for everyone. 


On the other hand, the design of the Ecoviu mobile app is simple and intuitive, anyone regardless of age, ethnicity, religion or country can use the application and know how to find activities in which to reconnect with nature.  That is why we consider Ecoviu's mobile app to be 100% inclusive. 


In addition, the activities are mostly led by women, and anyone through the Ecoviu mobile app has the ability to suggest and create an activity to protect the environment or reconnect with nature.


Ecoviu is the platform that unites the entire citizen community to actively participate and engage in helping the environment. We do this by providing a tool to find activities or to create activities and find others to join in. 

Please explain how these three dimensions have been combined in your project.
Please highlight how this approach can be exemplary

ecoviu takes the three inseparable dimensions and values of the Bauhaus Awards very seriously. 


1. Sustainability: ecoviu gives citizens the possibility to participate in environmental activities every day of the year. Each of these activities contributes to specific Sustainable Development Goals. For example, a plastic collection in the mountains contributes to SDGs 11, 13, 14 and 15; or for example, an outing to the mountains to learn about the biodiversity of flora and fauna contributes to SDGs 3, 4, 11 and 15. 


In addition, we support sustainability in all areas as mentioned above: environmental, social and economic. Environmental actions, workshops and training on circular economy and pollution reduction, environmental news, are some of the things that define us.


2. Aesthetics: we believe it is of vital importance that the user feels comfortable with our product at all times. That is why the aesthetics of the application is extremely key for the user to quickly understand how to find the ecological activities in which to participate and how to sign up. The UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) design play a key role in ecoviu to make the mobile application beautiful and functional.


3. Inclusion: from the very beginning we knew that our positive impact would be bigger the more people would use ecoviu. That's why we decided to make the app free, so that anyone regardless of their income level can access all the eco-friendly activities and reconnect with nature. In addition, we empower women to organize activities, we invite all religions and cultures to create activities and when we hire people, our priority will be diversity

Please give information on the results/impacts achieved by your project in relation to the category you apply for

Our mobile application has already been released and on March 1, 2022 has completed 1 month since the launch. 


During this month, we have carried out more than 130 activities connecting with nature. In addition, we collaborate with more than 100 NGOs so that more people can learn about the ecological activities happening in their city and can sign up. Thanks to the app, 250 people who were previously unaware of these initiatives have been able to participate and have a positive impact. 


Some of the examples of the activities that users have been able to discover with ecoviu are: tree reforestations, dam reconstruction, bird nest building, plastic and garbage collection in the mountains and on the beach, biodiversity tours, and many more.


These activities have helped ecoviu users discover new ways to connect with, help and respect nature.

Please explain how citizens and civil society were involved in the in the design and/or implementation of the project.
Please also explain the benefits that derived from their involvement.

We have created a collaborative application to help the environment based on user participation. Ecoviu has shown the environmental initiatives that were on each day of the month to citizen users, and citizens have signed up and participated in these activities that they didn't know about before. In addition, users propose the initiatives they would like to see within the app.


If more people use the ecoviu app, more citizens will be able to discover how they can contribute to curbing the climate crisis every day of the year. We want to create a community of citizens actively involved in the environment, in taking care of nature and enjoying it.

Please explain what kind of global challenges the project addressed by providing local solutions

The ecoviu platform has been created in order to help curb the negative effects of the climate crisis. We will help the cause by organizing and promoting ecological initiatives (waste collection, outdoor sports, environmental workshops, daily challenges and others) every day of the year.


One of ecoviu's main objectives is to preserve terrestrial and underwater life. For this reason, ecoviu will not use disposable products in the actions and/or activities undertaken, will promote the implementation of the 5'R's and will carry out weekly plastic collections on beaches and mountains.


In addition, part of ecoviu's profits will be destined to social projects that fight against current problems: forest and maritime protection, environmental welfare, renewable energy and others.


Therefore, if ecoviu enables local citizens to find out what to do about the climate crisis and the protection of nature, it will be contributing to the global problem of the climate crisis. Moreover, this problem is common throughout Europe and if the project works in Spain, it could easily be extrapolated to other EU countries

Please highlight the innovative character of the project as compared to mainstream practices in the field of the project.

In the field of reconnecting with nature, there may be many initiatives. However, there is no technology, no application, to give visibility to existing initiatives. There is no technology that connects the ecological activities that exist in Europe with the citizens.


We from ecoviu bet on the technology that comes with a mobile application to reach more citizens. If thanks to ecoviu more people know and sign up to the initiatives to reconnect with nature, the greater the impact will be.


In addition, the ecoviu platform brings together environmental organizations, companies and people concerned about the environment, something that until now has been impossible to find. ecoviu is a meeting point for the eco-friendly community

Please explain to the potential of transferring the projects’ results or learnings to other interested parties and contexts.
Please provide clear documentation, communication of methodology and principles in this context.

The ecoviu project has been launched in Catalonia and has been well received. Thanks to the fact that the citizens of this locality want to be more sustainable and that the government is involved, it has been possible to see that the growth potential of the project is very high. That is why there is the possibility of transferring the results and methodologies to any region or country with the same concerns as the citizens of this autonomous community.

ecoviu in Catalonia will carry out approximately 1100 activities in 2022 (in its first year of life). It will have collaborations with 500 organizations in the sector and will have 10,000 users. These data help us to know the impact that could be achieved in other places and contexts. 

ecoviu's methodology consists of creating an inclusive application so that all NGOs, organizations and people concerned about nature can be connected in the same place. The application will always be free and with a beautiful and understandable design, so that any citizen can use it and discover activities to participate in. 

To replicate this project to other regions, 2 main aspects should be worked: on the one hand, contact with the different NGOs or environmental organizations of that locality so that they can upload their content in ecoviu; on the other hand, it would be necessary to make the application known to the citizens of the locality with the help of the municipalities and other organizations so that more people know how they can act and protect nature while reconnecting with it.

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