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Nature reclaims her space in the city.

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Reconnecting with nature
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NEW EUROPEAN BAUHAUS RISING STARS: concepts or ideas submitted by young talents (aged 30 or less)
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Nature reclaims her space in the city.
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An overrunning nature which brings back a social consciousness about the environmental topic.

We aim at develop awareness about the environmental thematic, this is the first focus of our concept, that takes place not only thought communicative approach but also living the space directly.

This focus could be reached by the creation of public spaces that become a link with the consolidated city also going to evaluate the attractiveness of currently degraded and unused areas.

What is the geographical scope of your concept/idea?
Does your concept/idea address mainly urban or rural issues?
Mainly urban
Does your concept/idea refer to a physical transformation of the built environment or other types of transformations?
It refers to a physical transformation of the built environment ('hard investment')
Has your concept/idea benefited from EU programmes and/or funds?
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How did you hear about the New European Bauhaus Prizes ?
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Please provide a summary of your concept/ idea

This project aims to follow the global goal of the decarbonization using some strategies for the environment, creating a culture and a consciousness in the local communities through the attractive character of the architecture and the aesthetic composition of the public space.

The goal we want to follow embraces the idea of the re-naturalization of the city (process by which the nature is brought back to the city)and consideration of its cultural heritage and its own characteristics.

This would be reached through ethical approach and development of activities and events provided in the designed  spaces.

Please indicate the main themes of your concept/idea with 5 key words
Aesthetic approach
Environmental consciousness
Energetic impact
Please give information about the key objectives of your concept/idea in terms of environmental sustainability (including circularity) and how these would be met.
Please highlight how the concept/idea can be exemplary in this context

The approach to the theme of the sustainability that will be used  follows the idea of an integrated design that will be developed with dedicated software (that evaluates climatical conditions, exposition etc…).

As a first step we consider the use of the “smart grid” as an independent and renewable source of energy system which could be linked with the nearby plants, based on the photovoltaic system, following the aim of a circular economy and going to positively affect the local economy as well.

If we consider a methodological base to our thinking-design we can underline two parts: a first one that will be fixed and replicable in other areas, and a second one that will include the specific project idea and its local parameters, which goes to meet a smart design.

Please give information about the key objectives of your concept/idea in terms of aesthetics and quality of experience beyond functionality and how these would be met.
Please highlight how the concept/idea can be exemplary in this context

Our concept is to emphasize the nature and the relationship with the built environment by the social functions and aesthetics.

The architecture captured as an aesthetic way to underline the nature essence, is an important point of definition in our concept.

Keeping in mind the importance of the cultural heritage of the area where the concept is located, a modular base for the pavillons has been developed (the primary element is a cross-similar structure which goes to compose pattern as reference to the Gazometro).

It should be considered that this area, Testaccio, is strongly defined by an industrial character and the idea of the industrial feature which is overrun from the nature can be considered the right storytelling of the process we want to explain.

Please give information about the key objectives of your concept/idea in terms of inclusion (equal opportunities, public participation, citizen engagement, co-design, universal design, accessibility, affordability, etc.) and how these would be met.
Please highlight how the concept/idea can be exemplary in this context

The concept aims to create an ideal place for meeting and socialization, where people can stop for a while to relax, to study or to attend events: the idea is to create spaces accessible both to students of the University, and to the external public in order to create connectivity and inclusion.

Please explain how these three dimensions would be combined in your concept/idea.
Please highlight how this approach can be exemplary

The idea is to create a socially inclusive multifunctional space that is also aesthetically pleasing and above all sustainable, using renewable energy sources and greenery as a connector space.

Please highlight the innovative character of the concept/idea as compared to mainstream practices in the field of the concept/idea.

The innovative character of our concept lies in the replicability of the model, which can be used in different spaces, both in terms of urban context and size.

A pavilion made up of replicable modules, to which is the installation of solar panels for energy supply is added, greenery as a connector space but also as shade and a source of greater oxygenation, and the rain garden as an opportunity to accumulate rainwater for reuse or as a system to prevent flooding.

Please detail the general plans that you have for the further development, promotion and/or implementation of your concept/idea.

We plan to organize cultural events that follow a sustainable footprint, such as conferences, educational workshops for children, university workshops.

Imagine that your idea/concept is awarded in the New European Bauhaus Prizes 2022. What kind of initiatives would you take throughout the following year (June 2022- June 2023)

Initiatives that aim to create a social awareness about environment, biodiversity, and conscious consumption which goes to increase the quality of life, following circular economy criterion and also climate neutrality.

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