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The main idea of our project is to help integration of children with disabilities, and modernize the playground for them with special needs in Oradea, to support and stimulate the diversity and equal opportunity for children with disabilities. Another objective of our project is to integrate in community this children by offering them special facilities in one of the most important park in Oradea, harmonizing the differences between people. 

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The main idea of our project is to help integration of children with disabilities, and modernize the playground for them with special needs in Oradea, to support and stimulate the diversity and equal opportunity for children with disabilities. Another objective of our project is to integrate in community this children by offering them special facilities in one of the most important park in Oradea, harmonizing the differences between people. At both national and local level,the facilities for people with special needs,  are completely absent.

The placemenent of equipements and special facilities for playground represents actions which participate active at increasing of accessibility for special people at interest public places and offering the gender equality, which means the armony at community level from Oradea. This project can solve one of the most major gobal problem.

                Whe believe that such, we can satisfy a fundamental needs for disabilities people, since the playground are made for children without motion sickness. It is a concept which transformed a simple park in a place which a solution for membership need of vulnerable people.

                The implementation of this project is adding value in community by extending targer public of the park. In the same time, the project generates a fundamental value namely inclusion/ sense of belonging, bringing a growth of their quality life.

                The term of valability for playground equipement for children with dizabilities variates from 2 to 25 years, and the placement of them will be realize in a central zone, outdoor recreation opportunity, so this means the satisfaction of value baze of this European project- longevity-.

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Special needs
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The central objective of social dimensions of sustainable growth is correct distribution of opportunities between generations. A high level of employment and quality workplace, represents the relationship between economic and social dimension of sustainable growth. The inclusive parks intended for people with disabilities are few or nonexistent in some cities, although the number of beneficiary is pretty good. The sustainability is a solution to ensure that any decision taken will be friendly with the medium and will not have a negative impact on society. The children are more and more attracted of investigation and engagement regarding climate change and it s devasting effects, so we should encourage them to learn through exploration, both in school and non-formal mediums. For a child with mobility is easy to explore the nature regardless the context, but for children with disabilities is it necessary special and dotated places which offer them the opportunity to participate at actions and games intended for children. We want a better world with happy people, living together regardless social or fizical condition. We imagine a world in which every person with disabilities can stand on his own, with a minimum help from the others. In this way, we are increasing their motivation and quality of life, a special principle of sustainability. We believe that this project qualify in all the principles which represent the 3 pillars of sustainability and sustainable growth, being a project designed and projected on long term for society, for people, for improving the relationship between people with disabilities and including them in society. The environment will be in the advantage of it, and creating more green spaces in towns to achieve the  requirements  for disabled people and from the economic point of view, the costs are average, but the beneficiaries will have the most to gain from this project, beacause represents a large community.

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Aestetically, our intrusive park will integrate very good in that natural medium, promoting free time activities in nature and encourage the socialization. Our project will be very colourful to distinguish the objects better and create a visual equilibrium of  park s general perspective. Every colour is associated with an emotion, a reltative energy, that s why the objects offered to children will be very colourful always. Grenn spaces will be distributed uniform and equipped with urban adapted furniture and wooden garden gazebo for little steps. Specific objects of the playground will respect the norms and they will be assembled by authorized person. The pedestrian alleys will be delimited by trees , flowers, benches and they will respect the necessary width for wheelchair ’s movement. Lighting scheme will highlight place ’s archeticture and will light all the accessible places, so that the community will be able to enjoy at any hour for a walk in the park. Since this about leisure time in nature, we will use sustainable and ecologicial materials, friendly with the environment, as much as possible. One of this material is the wood which comes from forest, trees, so the conditioned wooden furniture will get a perfect match with green space and decorative trees. To be fully functional and durable, will be use many iron elements. The iron can be recycled 100 %, it's the most recycler on the planet, so it is considered a sustainable material.  More than this, the elemnts from the iron will be coloured to give life for the place.  Our inclusive park will be one with elements of modern architecture, fit perfectly in nature, functional in order to satisfy needs of disabilities people anf which will respect legislation in force. Project for entertainment, relaxation and reconnection with the nature.

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The playground for disabled children aims to bring together with this minority and normal children. It is about an inlclusive park, that reunites under its coupon all the children, offering them the opportunity to play one each other in a friendly environment, regardless their capacity or their physical condition. Disabilities children's greatest desire is to integrate with the other children, to do the same activities as them, being accepted by them. On this principle is counting our project, of which main objective is bringing together all community. Each child will find its place feeling understood even if it is "different". The park will show the little people that there is a place for either and that, through cooperation, they can manage to do things that may be impossible for them to achieve on their own. Moreover, the park will have beneficial implications on the local Community along the way, as "fair" inclusion starts from early childhood. The earlier this happens, the greater the chances that people with disabilities will be fully integrated into the community. Typical children will be friends with those who suffer from any condition among the lullabies and other equipment, then being aware, including at maturity age, that people with disabilities are part of the same world as them, and thus their acceptance is the equivalent of normality. With the help of the project, we intend to take a small step toward strengthening a healthy and equalitarian society, a step that we consider to be extremely necessary given the slow speed with which the whole process is proceeding in the post-communist States. We believe that every child is special in its own way, and deserves a place where he can relax through the game and feel the joy of age. Inclusion starts primarily from the children's park, where everyone must have equal opportunities to practice and improve their skills.

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Our project aims to build an inclusive theme park for people with special needs, which is located in an area of attraction and Community interest by achieving this inclusive park we want to use environment friendly elements that increase the life of the environment. As it concerns the provision of a park with specific equipment, it will be environmentally friendly, will not generate pollution, and as many recyclable elements will be used to build the park, helping to re-introduce recyclable waste into the circuit. From an educational perspective, serving several categories of children, being a public space and aimed at children, we have identified the opportunity to stimulate and learn the principles of sustainability. In the open air, there will be education activities for selective collection, seminars on the principles for reducing pollution and its impact on mankind, and seminars on the importance of re-introduction of recycled waste into the economic cycle. As regards esthetics, the project aims at fitting in harmony with the nature of the park by placing urban furniture with innovative design and by placing natural elements made of trees, plants, shrubs, moss and other types of “green furniture”. Esthetics is an essential element because the construction of the inclusive park will be carried out in an existing park of the city which represents one of the most important attractions at Community level in terms of recreation, being the most important park of the city, visited by tourists included. Inclusion could be the most important element achieved by creating and equipping this inclusive park, as it will offer equal opportunities for children with disabilities to enjoy childhood alongside other children with similar needs or children with physical normality. The park will highlight both diversity and equality. The park will be the foundation statue of the diversity and equality of the children from Oradea Municipality.

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Our project sustains and represents the creation of the first park which is fully equipped and adapted to be used by both children with disabilities and typical children.The park is designed with specific equipments that adapts to various types of disabilities, without restricting in any wat the access.We want to put the first bricks on this project as a foundation for this park that brings innovative perspectives about the future and aims to contribute to the creation of a strong and united community. Romania is a country in which people especially people with disabilities still have difficulties in accessing the public places.We noticed that a change can be made only if we educate the new generations so the nowadays children and teenagers will become the responsible and interested adults who will act and react to create a new societal culture based on diversity and inclusion of each and every category of individuals. Currently the city of Oradea benefits from 1 or 2 special swings for people with mobility disabilities but this is the only type of outdoor activites that children with disabilities can enjoy. There is no dedicated park with all these necessary features for them to play with or which can give them possibilities to play together with other children, testing different equippments or having a favourite place to play. This park we want to create will be a unique place for Romania which brings together typical and atypical children and people in order to build an enviroment which gives them the chance to develop theirselves, where friendship, harmony, collaboration and other social skills can be learnt and literally lived by all the children.It is a park where the people from all the community can spend their free time together and can contribute to the physical independence of children with disabilities.Each child will be able to explore and nurture selfworth, validation and empowerment through this unique place. 

Please detail the general plans that you have for the further development, promotion and/or implementation of your concept/idea.

We want to create a community as united as possible which puts the concept of diversity and inclusion in the spotlight and ensures equality to Oradea’s citizen at the same time.This park represents a necessity, both in Oradea and in the whole country.If the financial forecasts of the project are exceeded by the evolution of prices over time, we will attract funds from donations so we will be able to finance the entire projects and its completion. In terms of design and equipments, the park requires a surface of 120 square meters where special areas will be designed for the movement of people with disabilities and also there will be specific areas where it will exist devices/ playing elements/ swings,etc adapted to persons with disabilities.The park will be equipped with elements such as: Inclusive Roundabout, Inclusive springrocker, Inclusive Labirinth, Inclusive cube, Inclusive wheel, swings for children with disabilities, urban furniture for the disabled and green urban furniture (decorative plants and trees).All this elements will be placed in an existing typical park, transforming the park into an inclusive one which will bring all the children together to the same place, regardless their problems. As effect we hope for reducing the perception of differences between children and increasing the equaility when it comes about opportunities. Increasing the sense of belonging is a very important psicho-social aspect of every human being and realistically speaking children with disabilities are often marginalized.After implementing the project locally, we really hope we can implement it in more counties and regions across the country as soon as the lack of these specific parks is present in many cities in Romania.After that, we want to launch other major events to promote the project and its results by conducting educational seminars which are supposed to strengthen concepts such as environmental protection, recycling systems, selective collection,etc.

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We would like to promote this project both nationally and internationally. Without being 100% aware about it, there are more and more people with special needs surrounding us. Romania is a country which did not managed to focus on providing equal opportunities to persons with disabilities and we can notice that it is a similar phenomenon happening in other neighbouring countries as well. We truly believe in this project and its impact and we hope we can implement it in as many areas and regions as possible so we can offer the support needed in the communities at a large scale. At the same time, the inclusive park represents a perfect environment for educating the young individuals and for carryin out activities that bring sustainable development to the local communities. Inclusion is the strongest pillar of our project, and we want, as a group ,to become the ambassadors of  Inclusion and Sustainable Education around the world. As we often hear people saying, and it is true: “ The sky is the limit” so we feel determined to have no limit and spread the impact of this project around the globe. Supporting such an initiatives would help into building united communities which demonstrates understanding and focus on the needs of each category of people existing in that specific community.One of the multiplication activities of this project which we can get involved is to support other associations from other regions in obtaining local or European financial funds and also we can help in promoting the aspects like equal opportunities, inclusion, sustainability and green urban aesthetics.

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