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Healing Rimini

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Reconnecting with nature
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NEW EUROPEAN BAUHAUS RISING STARS: concepts or ideas submitted by young talents (aged 30 or less)
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Healing Rimini
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Landscape planning of Rimini with Healing units

Would you like to live in a healthier, modern and energy independent city, that provides safe and clean place with less traffic and other pollutants, that negatively impact our lives? Here we present our solution Healing Rimini, a friendly place for local people, tourists and local wildlife with lots of green infrastructure and natural habitats. We try to prevent floods, heat waves and other natural effects, with help of sustainable development goals in our concept, so called Healing unit.

What is the geographical scope of your concept/idea?
Province of Rimini
Does your concept/idea address mainly urban or rural issues?
It addresses urban-rural linkages
Does your concept/idea refer to a physical transformation of the built environment or other types of transformations?
It refers to a physical transformation of the built environment ('hard investment')
Has your concept/idea benefited from EU programmes and/or funds?
Has your concept/idea won an EU prize?
How did you hear about the New European Bauhaus Prizes ?
Word of mouth (colleagues, friends …)
On whose behalf are you submitting the application?
As an individual in partnership with other persons
Please provide a summary of your concept/ idea

Our proposed concept is based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (2022). We have analysed and scored them based on given Rimini area. Furthermore, we took a closer look at the five lowest scored goals: 7- Affordable and clean energy, 9-Industry, innovation and infrastructure, 13-Climate action, 14-Life below water, 15-Life on land. Rimini’s main problems, including low energy independence, traffic congestions and accidents, water, air, thermal and noise pollution and global changes (floods and heat islands) were estimated. These indicators are presented in bright and dark future analyses.

To avoid the dark future and aim for the bright one, we propose some small spatial solutions and adaptations, many of which are gathered in the so-called ‘Healing unit’. It consists of green and water infrastructure, sustainable energy production and transport infrastructure. The city of Rimini is then thoughtfully divided into seven smaller parts, where ‘Healing units’ are placed. The main one is placed on the present airport site and represents the healing heart of Rimini. All our solutions are nature-based, that provide benefits and fight problems for both biodiversity and human well-being. It is also a sustainable management, which provide social, economic and environmental benefits, fighting problems from the past and building resilience for the future.

The healing concept aims to promote social interaction, protects valuable cultural heritage, raises awareness, increases biodiversity, sustainability, resilience and independence of Rimini. Therefore, Rimini becomes a healthy environment for all.

Please indicate the main themes of your concept/idea with 5 key words
sustainable developement goals
planning for society
nature based solutions
blue infrastructure
green infrastructure
Please give information about the key objectives of your concept/idea in terms of environmental sustainability (including circularity) and how these would be met.
Please highlight how the concept/idea can be exemplary in this context

Basis of our project are Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) that are evaluated trough a review of databases (Istat, Statista, Adminstat, ect.). The most critical SDG were used and implemented in our project and are the fundamentals of our idea/concept. We create Healing unit which presents environmental sustainability idea. In each Healing unit there are solar panels composed with park and ride system (transportation) and bioretention ponds. With this cell we try to unite solar energy, infrastructure, climate action and life on land as one system that is operating in coexistence.

Please give information about the key objectives of your concept/idea in terms of aesthetics and quality of experience beyond functionality and how these would be met.
Please highlight how the concept/idea can be exemplary in this context

Our solution is fighting against climate changes which we already feel today and we will feel in the future. Our solutions are placed for the chosen city, in this case Rimini, but they are flexible and can be applied anywhere. Green systems have a positive impact on the city, because of the pleasant atmosphere they give to the residents and simultaneously they create an environment for habitats. Besides the aesthetic role they are also functional, because they enable air and water cleaning with chosen plant species, which is the main concept of the project. With green and wise infrastructure we connect people, aesthetically embellish the city and at the same time we are solving natural catastrophes, which are going to appear more frequently in the future.

Please give information about the key objectives of your concept/idea in terms of inclusion (equal opportunities, public participation, citizen engagement, co-design, universal design, accessibility, affordability, etc.) and how these would be met.
Please highlight how the concept/idea can be exemplary in this context

City of Rimini is currently very touristic city, which provides many services for tourist and lacks some for local people. The trend of turistification is growing strongly every year, so we wanted to replan the city in a way for helping the local community. That is how both local people and visitors can have good and equal experience of the city. We took measures in different fields: accessible and affordable transportation and energy, local food production, green and blue infrastructure implemented for fighting global changes. All solutions are blending throughout whole city, revitalizing degraded areas and connecting communities.

Please explain how these three dimensions would be combined in your concept/idea.
Please highlight how this approach can be exemplary

Every of our solutions fights more than one problem, regarding city of Rimini. They are connecting environment, society and economy. They were picked out to fight global changes and problems that are impacting everyone around the globe, so they can be easily used in other places, where communities face similar problems.

City of Rimini is already doing measures to fight different problems. With our upgraded concept, the city would become great example for others.

Please highlight the innovative character of the concept/idea as compared to mainstream practices in the field of the concept/idea.

Our project includes innovations in energy, transportation, climate change action, blue and green infrastructure. The policy of putting solar panels on hotel rooftops helps improve self-sufficiency. Solar panels are installed on park-and-ride lots, which helps improve self-sufficiency. P + R helps to reduce the use of cars in the city center, thus reducing the number of cars in the center. This contributes to better safety for pedestrians and cyclists. In addition to P + R, transportation innovations include new bicycle paths and bus lines. Climate change action innovations include green roofs, double dunes system, integration of vegetation. Green roofs, that help create a microclimate, are habitats for wildlife, clean the air and water and are areas of interaction (rooftop gardens). It also includes green spaces such as urban gardens, tree-lined avenues, shared public green spaces, etc. Double dunes protect the city from flooding and are also a habitat for flora and fauna. Blue infrastructure innovations include a wastewater treatment plant, green roofs and bioretention. Wastewater treatment plant that is part of each unit and ensures that graywater is treated and can be reused or added to the water circle. As mentioned earlier, green roofs also ensure that water is cleaned. Bioretention areas clean the graywater and cool the surrounding area. These innovations contribute to better society, economy and environment. We create gathering places and programs for local people and tourists. Sustainable infrastructure increases social interactions, pleasant and quality living environment.

Please detail the general plans that you have for the further development, promotion and/or implementation of your concept/idea.

We would like to make our concept more usable in an international way so when cities and regions are planning new plans and projects for their urban and rural area, they follow Sustainable Development Goals and are using them as a guide for new designs and projects. This way all cities and regions will include important topics of our future in their planning and together we can make essential changes that will help us achieve better and brighter future.

Imagine that your idea/concept is awarded in the New European Bauhaus Prizes 2022. What kind of initiatives would you take throughout the following year (June 2022- June 2023)

Our main objective is to focus on the reduction of our carbon footprint, therefore with the implementation of our Healing unit we can plant the seed to deal with this problem in the long term.

If our idea wins, our next step would be talking to the city leaders and experts who we would represent our idea to. Together we would make a plan for actual solution realization and how it would proceed. We would organise workshops for the public, where we would teach people how plants affect air and water cleaning and how we used them in our solution. We would represent and make people aware of climate changes and catastrophes which are going to repeat in the future and point out how we would aid in the improvement. Because we are designing a continual city, it would be important that besides experts and city leaders also local residents would participate in realizing our idea.

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